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Matthias Waldt

Animation | Graphic Designer

Matthias Waldt was born in 1974 in Berlin (Germany). After three years training at a newspaper publishing house in Darmstadt (Germany), he started to work as a typographer and graphic designer in Berlin from 2000, he also completed an internship at the MetaDesign office.
Since 2003 he’s taking a break from formal working and studies communication design at the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam (Germany), feeding on the resources of an art school and the comparatively generous german education system to develop new skills while still working freelance for various clients, in the city of Berlin.
Having mostly professionally worked on regular graphic design, corporate design and some font design, he now focuses on the more artistic skills of illustration and animation to get a personal channel for critical non-mainstream views on (western) politics, societies, gender, racism and relationships.
The “Tortoise and Hare“ animation is the second beneath another animated short film that is to be released soon, and the his contribution to the project ‘Reassessment’