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Kyra Herzfeld

Producer | Marketing Manager

Kyra began her professional career as a record librarian with SA.FM in Adelaide during the 1980s. She went on to become a music director with another Austero radio station before returning to university to complete a degree in Professional Writing and Communication at the University of South Australia in 1998. 
During her studies she specialised in short stories, speech and script writing. She also worked as a publicity secondment on the 1998 Adelaide Festival. Following a short-term contract on the 2000 Adelaide Festival Kyra took up a full time position with the Adelaide Festival Centre as the Publicity and Promotions Co-ordinator and was a senior publicist for the 2002 Adelaide Festival.
She went on to form her own publicity company in 2002, working with a diverse range of clients before joining Australian Dance Theatre as Marketing Manager in 2003. In 2005 her role within the company broadened to include tour co-ordinating during international and national tours. She has worked in France, the U.K., U.S. and throughout regional Australia. After 8 years at ADT Kyra then left to assume post of Marketing Manager of Country Arts SA, where she s currently working while producing for independent artists such as Daniel Jaber.