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Chris Herzfeld

Photography | Film | Lighting

After winning the inaugural Kodak Nikon Supershot Award in 1984, Chris embarked on a career as a lighting cameraman. He has worked with Channel 10 and 7 in South Australia on a wide range of programs from lifestyle shows to documentaries. He has also worked on a number of commercials, film clips and news services as both a cameraman and lighting director for many local, interstate and international production companies.
He won a number of Australian Cinematographer Society awards, including two golds in 2005 for the Channel 7 News promo campaign and two golds in 2006 for the Australian Dance Theatre television campaign for Devolution. 
Chris has also worked on five feature movies including The Big Steal; Bad Boy Bubby and Power Rangers. 
He is currently the Managing Director of Camlight Productions. He works extensively with Australian Dance Theatre as a photographer and technical manager for Lois Greenfield on HELD. He also has worked independent dance artists such as Tanja Liedtke, Lina Limosani and, most recently, Gabrielle Nankivell and Daniel Jaber.

Chris web info…. www.camlight.com.au