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Projekt Moxie

PROJEKT MOXIE presents ‘Declivity’ – March 15 – 19 at the 2022 Adelaide Fringe

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About Projekt Moxie

Projekt Moxie 2022 is an initiative, led by South Australian choreographers Lina Limosani & Daniel Jaber, and is designed to connect and bridge the gap between recent graduates and professional practicing dance artists in Adelaide. Comprising of three components; Mentorship, Industry Development, and Performance Outcome, it primarily focuses on enabling talented graduating dancers to challenge their artistic practice in a stimulating professional environment while nurturing early career pathways. It is an opportunity for four creative individuals to develop and promote their voice in a supportive environment and tailor their experience towards their interests and career intentions.

The three components include:

– Industry Development:
Curated daily morning class led by industry professionals.
Masterclasses with Adelaide Festival & Adelaide Fringe Artists.
Hosting industry networking events.
– Mentorship:
One-on-one mentoring for four 2020/21 dance graduates, residing in South Australia, with a focus on developing future planning.
Group attendance to Fringe and Adelaide Festival shows.
Tailored professional development opportunities.
– Performance Outcome:
The creation of two new works by Daniel Jaber & Lina Limosani to premiere at the 2022 Adelaide Fringe Festival on four
2020/21 dance graduates (paid contract).

Through its multilayered approach, Projekt Moxie will ignite the local dance landscape and create opportunities for employment, dissemination of knowledge, and the sharing of practice between emerging and established artists locally, nationally, and internationally.


The presentation of Declivity is generously supported by Arts South Australia, The Government of South Australia, the Adelaide Fringe Artist Fund, the Australian Dance Theatre, Gravity Studios, and the Independent Arts Foundation.

We thank the following Pozible campaign donors for your generous contributions toward the Curated Class Program:
Cherrie Aitken
Alyshia McKinnon
Madeline Edwards
Adrianne Semmens
Cayleigh Davies
Katrina Constantopoulous
Symantha Dean
Ade Suharto
Felicity Boyd
Sarah Rohrsheim
Riley Baldwin
Jean Bennett
Zoe Gay
Laurence Halabut
Nick Hays
Amanda Phillips
David O’Brien
Jeff Meiners
Francoise Piron
Caitlin Hall
Jass Hriskin
Jessie McKinlay
IngridHol Richard Bennett
Donna Minas
Madison Thomas
Garry Stewart
Kyle Wright
Katrina Lazaroff
Sophie Ryan
Jason Lam
Kialea Nadine Williams
Ian Williams
Kathleen Buchanan
Thomas Buchanan
Zoe Dunwoodie
Alison Currie
David Wei
Jess Minas
Amelia Watson
Rachael Wood