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Performance Trilogy 2022

In 2022 the Samstag Museum of Art will present Performance Trilogy


The Performance Trilogy is comprised of three durational performance works:
Rite (8 hours)
Dirt (5 hours)
Rot (73 hours)
The trilogy is an extreme and intense display of endurance, pushing the thresholds of the performers usual virtuosities. The dichotomies between Pain and Pleasure, Shame and Shamelessness, Classicism and Anarchy are fundamental investigations within this body of work.

February – SASA Gallery

Rite is a ritual ceremony inspired by fetishisation of iconic religious imagery, translating it through the lens of BDSM practices to display the influence that history has on modern sexuality, sadomasochism and judgement. Rite emphasises the role perspective and subjectivity plays in sociological conversations on intimacy and desire.

Movement 1 (2 hours): Flagellations
– Performer self-flagellates with large, black leather whip.
Movement 2 (1.5 hours): Physical Research Study on Pain, Shame, Sex, Pleasure and Iconography through choreographic composition.
– Performer dances choreography on classicism, anarchism, pain and pleasure.
Movement 3 (3.5 hours): Crucifixion
– Performer is standing on a 2 meter high bed of nails, suspended by leather cuffs from their wrists attached to chains from the ceiling, wearing sheep skin ezor/ hagor.
Movement 4: (1.5 hours): Ritual
– Performer creates blood painting through choreographic composition and exhibits it.

June – Samstag Museum of Art

Dirt presents as a chronological narrative from self-loathing to self-acceptance, driven by the contrasts between guilt and shame, purity and liberation. Literal, and metaphorical reference to Dirt(iness) and Clean(liness) inform the works investigations that are presented through choreographic and image based composition and expression. The artist journey must conquer a harrowing and humiliating obstacle course of endurance threshold, torture, self-reflection and vulnerable exhibitionism, liberating themselves from caution and censorship to wholeheartedly embrace and accept themselves.

Movement 1 (50 minutes): Physical Research Study on Duality through choreographic composition
– Performer performs detailed choreography that feels of battling inner and outer conflicts and tensions.
Movement 2 (40 minutes): Barricade
– Performer repeatedly runs at and crashes into a wall built of packaged soil, until it collapses.
Movement 3 (1 hour): Purification
– Performer gets in a shower, increasingly rising water pressure transitions the scene from pleasure to torture.
Movement 4 (30 minutes): Procession
– Performer walks along a hallway of light, head bowed, in a shameful like posture, undressing.
Movement 5 (90 minutes): Rebirthing
– Performer lays on a mountain of soil, slowly and sensually spreading it throughout the performance space.
Movement 6 (45 minutes): Physical Research Study on Self-Acceptance & Liberation through choreographic composition
– Performer performs choreography of an abandoned, released quality.

October – SASA Gallery

Rot is the image of a living body decomposing. Ironic in its intention, a highly-technical and virtuosic dancer plays dead for three days in an interplay between the absurdity of art, the vulnerability of life’s precariousness, the hopeless submission to death and the unknowing, fantastical image of the afterlife.

Living Installation (73 hours – gallery open 24 hours a day): Performer lays still on an elevated plinth for 73 hours while augmented reality, video projection mapping, decomposes their body in real-time. While the eyes are open they remain completely motionless and think of fear, boredom, paralysis, memories, love and regrets. While the eyes are closed, they are likely meditating or asleep.