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I am currently in the repulsively weathered city of Melbourne, working with the repulsively talented Philip Adams and collaborators (BalletLab).
We are working toward the premiere of Aviary, a new work from Philip that we have been creating over the past 2 years.

The first stage development was this time, september 2009, it has evolved much since then, and also hasn’t at the same time, always new but constantly referencing the starting point for all his mayhem, the scores of French composer Olivier Messiaen.

Aviary is my first project with Balletlab, I am excited to perform this work, and finally present the passion that is Philip Adams on stage, in my first ever performance in-front of a Melbourne audience in my 8 year performance career. 

Although the season is almost sold out, something like 15 tickets remain, go HERE for further details, or, look to your Left under NOW and find details there, alternatively visit www.balletlab.org