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Ideas and Creative Development Concepts

ACT 1;

Audience can only see the lower legs of the performers. Footwear is a device for prompting storytelling. Foot “posture”, lower leg body language and formations of people (groups in social settings) is the choreographic and compositional research stimuli. Dancers appear in a range of footwear, in different groupings (4 to 1, 2 to 3 etc) and this informs shifts in the dynamic energy of the composition. Constantly unfolding in micro-narratives.

ACT 2:

The dancers wear matching costume. They each have several copies of the costume in different pastel tones. Act 2 is a sustained scene of abstract, purist choreography. The choreography explores the concepts from a purely kinetic and movement perspective. Post-modern content is situated within a highly intricate compositional framework. The structure, framework, space, and time of the choreography is shifted each time a dancer or dancers exit and renter the space in a different coloured costume, thus breaking the harmony of otherwise poetic unison.

ACT 3:

Stage is separated, a strong divide Left and Right. Act 3 should be anarchic, aggressive and rowdy. Expresses opposition and conflict. Might play with megaphones. The content is created with the opposition facing one another, but performed facing the audience.

ACT 4:

Act 4 rotates the previous expression of theme into a realm of co-dependence, mutualism and strength. I would like the work to close on a feeling of hope. We will create this scene in a bouldering facility. The performers assist one another up the wall through expressive choreography inspired by a post modern approach to movement making.

Examples of Previous Choreographic Work