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Edelweiss In Spring

Premiere details:

Tempo Dance Festival 2020

Conceived and Directed by:

Daniel Jaber

Choreographed by:

Daniel Jaber & The 2020 Graduating Modern Majors of the New Zealand School of Dance


I received an email from Gary Trinder, the head of the NZSD which alerted me to the fact that 2020 was Beethoven’s 250th year of birth celebration. Around the same time, I was debilitated by a spinal injury. These two things coincided into thinking about “Edelweiss in Spring”. What is it like to be an artist but to lose connection to your art? And, how is it to still create the art, but not be able to experience it?
My loss of movement for 6-months and Beethoven’s loss of hearing – brought up profound questions in me; about worth, about attachment and detachment and these questions subsequently became the perfect launching pad for conceptually creating a new works thematic. We have now arrived at Edelweiss in Spring.
Edelweiss = Austria’s national flower. Spring = anniversary of Beethoven’d death. We remember these losses, and celebrate them for the beauty they create.