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Conceived and Directed by:

Daniel Jaber

Performed by:

Zoë Dunwoodie

ORIGINAL Sound by:

Thomas Jeker


Dirt is a 6-hour endurance performance marrying contemporary dance, improvisation, living sculpture and installation. It studies the efforts of suppression and the weight of carrying guilt and shame. The work traverses a spiritual exposition of self-reflection, uniting concept with performer and audience in a shared, collective experience. Using “dirty” and “clean” as philosophical and literal metaphors – the work is presented in five movements. Together, the movements express a linear narrative; of one individual’s harrowing journey from self-loathing to self-acceptance.

Development Footage:

Premiere Details:

18 – 20 September, 2020 at the Samstag Museum of Art.


Supported by:

The Australian Dance Theatre through the International Centre for Choreography.