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Anatomically Incorrect

An Expressions Dance Company Commission

Choreographed by:

Daniel Jaber.

Sound by:

Thomas Jeker.

Costume by:

Libby Mcdonnell.

Lighting by:

Andrew Meadows.

Danced by:

Daryl Brandwood of Expressions Dance Company.


“Dancing is unnatural, classical ballet the structure thereof is anatomically incorrect. It asks of the dancers that they rotate their legs from the hips outwards. Our bodies are not designed that way our bodies are designed for the feet to be in front, walking Indian-file if you like, whereas dance requires that the legs be turned out. Now this requires altering the structure of the skeleton, as well as the musculature” – Leigh Matthews






Expressions Dance Company’s
SOLO Festival of Dance
May 16, Queensland Performing Arts Centre, Brisbane.