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A Dying Swan

A work on love, loneliness and loss

Choreographed by

Daniel Jaber

Performed by

Kialea-Nadine Williams

Costume by

Catherine Ziersch & Daniel Jaber

Lighting by

Jason Groves


I dedicate this work to Kialea-Nadine Williams, Adam Chapin & Vanessa Jaber. Three people who never cease to inspire me.

A Dying Swan is a work about loneliness. In watching the original Fokine ballet (The Dying Swan) from 1904, I saw much, much more than a swan, who had been shot and was dying. What I saw, was a lone figure onstage, a woman, who’s inevitable fate was to die alone. Watching a ballerina, alone on stage, with nothing but a spotlight and a costume, and having an audience gazing upon her as she enacts the uneasy display of death and decay from our mortal world, became an inspiration for me in creating this work. Kialea’s space, is her spotlight, her lake, her field of isolation. We as the audience gaze upon her as she expresses the broad spectrum of what loneliness might feel like through the medium of a dancing body.
Of late, I have been dealing with the confronting intimacy of loneliness. Being in a long distance relationship, working abroad, constantly traveling and even finding my feet in a new and unfamiliar role professionally. The intense and somewhat emotionally virtuosic feeling of “being alone” has been an experience so overwhelming that I felt impassioned to put it in a work.
I have traversed through feeling heartbroken, defeated, insecure, resentful, dangerous, light, joyous and lost through these experiences, and thought that these emotional traits lent for the generating of a solo piece that was dynamic in range.
Choreographically, I wanted to depart from classicism and return to commercial roots. I have worked to music whilst creating this work, in the style of lyrical-contemporary dance. Marrying musicality and lyricism. It is simplistic in style and compositional execution. No frills. Only dance, music, light, space and expression.

Thank you: Adam Chapin, Madeline Edwards, Samuel Harnett-Welk, Kyra & Chris Herzfeld, Camlight Productions, Catherine Ziersch, Jo Jacobs, Leigh Warren, The LWD Board, all those who pledged on Pozible, Christine Underdown, Vanessa Jaber, Arts SA, Paul Malek, Kimball Wong, Kialea-Nadine Williams, Thom Buchanan, Fowlers Live, Jason Groves, Shannon, Clancy, Sue, Megan & Tiff, Tutu & Twirl.